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Carpe Carpio (seize the carp)

The Ton That Got Away…

CarpRemovalClamLake2014A good friend and colleague of mine (Tony HavranekSt. Croix Tribal Env. Services) has been working with commercial fishermen to net carp through the ice on Upper Clam Lake (Burnett County, WI).

This week they successfully netted a massive load estimated to contain about 200,000 lbs of carp. Telemetry indicated that 8 of the 13 radio tagged fish in the lake were captured in the net, so Tony guessed that this haul may have captured more than half of the carp population remaining in the lake.

Tony, the lake association, and the commercial fishermen were ecstatic, but their celebration quickly turned to disappointment when they realized the following morning that a gaping hole had been torn in the net during retrieval, allowing most of the captured carp to escape back into the lake before they could be removed. (Carp were heard to be chanting “keep swimming” in unison just prior to their escape.)

They may try to do another netting next week – I can only hope that Tony and the fishermen learned more from the experience than the carp.

Good luck Tony!

Score: Carp 1  – Tony 0