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Freshwater Education
Informing Lake Groups and Educating Tomorrow's Young Scientists

Are you looking for high-quality educational presentations about lakes for your group's annual meeting or the kids in your classroom? We offer dynamic, informative, and easily understood presentations on a wide range of topics related to lakes. We use interactive Google Earth maps, underwater video, and animated graphs to make our presentations unique, meaningful, and captivating. More importantly, we love to "talk shop" about lakes, and have a reputation for providing enthusiastic and well-organized programs.

Contact us to discuss scheduling

Freshwater Seminars for Lake Groups
Aquatic Plant Identification - learn about the native plants in your lake and how to spot invasives
Managing Aquatic Invasive Plants - learn about the latest strategies for controlling invasive plants
Responsible Herbicide Planning - learn how to decide if herbicide use is the right plan for your lake
Your Backyard Watershed - learn what you can do at home to reduce your impact on local waters

Freshwater in the Classroom
Limnology: The Science of Lakes - experience the chemistry, physics, and biology of lakes
Tiny Water Monsters - learn about collection, identification, and ecology of aquatic insects
Young Lake Scientists - hands-on experience analyzing, graphing, and evaluating real lake data 

Recent Freshwater Education Programs and Volunteering

Weaver Lake Elementary
STEM Career Day (K-5th Grade, 2012–2014)
What is a Lake Scientist? (5th Grade, 2011–2016)
Judge for Student Bug Science Fair (5th & 6th Grade; 2009–2015)
Aquatic Insect Sampling, Identification, and Ecology (4th Grade; 2009–2011)

Izaak Walton League of America: Minnesota Chapter
Backyard Environmentalism (2010)

East Battle Lake Watershed Association
Invasive Aquatic Plant Seminar (2012)

Weaver Lake Conservation Association
Annual Speaker: Lake Monitoring & Management (recurring, 2003-2014)

Fish Lake Area Residents Association
Aquatic Plant Identification (2011)
Annual Meeting Speaker: Water Quality, Stormwater Runoff, Aquatic Plant Management (2007, 2009)

Rice County Coalition of Lake Associations
Curlyleaf Pondweed Management in Minnesota (2006)

Minnesota River Summit
Backyard Environmentalism (2006)

Three Rivers Park District
Invasive Aquatic Plants & Animals (2006)

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