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Freshwater Links
Expand Your Knowledge and Get Connected

General Information About Regional Waters
Minnesota Lake Finder - get maps, fish survey results, water level records, and water quality reports
Minnesota Water Statutes - read the official rules and regulations
Lake Ecology Primer - an online reference on the science of freshwater lakes
Lake Protection & Management - basic science of lakes and ideas on how to protect and improve them
Water on the Web - learn about the science, politics, and goals behind water resources management
Lake Access - learn about phosphorus fertilizer runoff and water quality management in Minnesota

Lake Organizations and Government Agencies
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Minnesota lake information, regulations, and grants
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Wisconsin lake information, regulations, and grants
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency - monitoring and data summaries for Minnesota Lakes
Environmental Protection Agency: Clean Lakes - an overview of the USEPA's clean lakes program
North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) - the science behind effective lake management
Conservation Minnesota - connect with other lakes and learn about Minnesota water issues
Aquatic Plant Management Society - learn about the latest research on aquatic plant management
American Society of Limnology & Oceanography - learn about cutting edge lake science

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