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Lake & Pond Monitoring


Better Science for Better Lakes
Although it is tempting to jump right into fixing lake problems rather than monitoring them, this approach often leads to "dead end" strategies that waste time and money. Our experience has taught us that the best approach is to develop a solid understanding of your lake's problems before choosing a course of action. The only way to gain such an understanding is to collect measurements using sound science. That's where we excel.
Did Your Plan Work?
So, you have taken action to fix your lake. It feels great to finally do something, but there is still work to do - evaluating the outcome.
No one wants to continue ineffective or damaging lake strategies, but how sure are you that you are making the best decisions for your lake. Quality scientific evaluations of your projects will make it easy to decide whether to stop ineffective "fixes" or to declare your project a success. Although such evaluations add cost to a project, they usually end up saving money and time in the long run.

Contact us to request a quote or to discuss our monitoring services.

Aquatic Plant Surveys
- Point-intercept aquatic plant surveys
- Plant bed delineations (for planning and permits)
CIbiobase vegetation mapping (GPS, sonar)
- Curlyleaf pondweed turion surveys
- Early detection monitoring for invasive plant species
- Plant biomass sampling
Early Detection of Invasive Species
- Zebra mussel searches for early detection
- Lake-wide searches for invasive aquatic plants
- Prevention and rapid response planning for invasives
Shorelines & Lake Mapping
- Lake depth mapping (GPS/sonar)
- Shoreline assessments & mapping
- Streambank assessments (erosion, stability)
Stormwater Assessments
- Stormwater pond mapping (depth, volume, sediments)
- Automated flow monitoring & samplers (ISCO, etc.)
- High-resolution lake level/temperature (logging-probes)
- BMP performance evaluations
- Stream gauging & rating curves
Water and Sediment Sampling
- Water quality monitoring
- Zooplankton sampling & enumeration
- Lake sediment sampling (core/dredge)
Lake Research Projects
- Carp exclosure studies
- Aquatic vegetation transplantings
- Sediment nutrient release studies


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